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You hear it all the time, "produce consistent content." But what are the real benefits, and how do they apply to your business? As self-proclaimed blogging aficionados, we've got the answers plus some tips around consistent blogging. 

For some brands, consistent blogging will mean daily while for others, once a month will do the trick. Your total output will depend largely on your business's goals and your content strategy, but once you've identified your cadence, create a realistic posting schedule you know you can follow. 

The Benefits of Consistent Blogging

One of the main benefits of consistent blogging is the effect on your brand. Blogging boosts awareness, increases recognition, and provides legitimacy for your business. Producing educational, entertaining content that is likely to be shared or found via searches is one of the lowest cost ways to grab user's attention and get them onto your website. Your opportunity for traffic (and links and shares and subscribers) grows with every piece of content you create. 

Building on brand equity, another benefit of consistent blogging is the development of loyal subscribers. These subscribers can engage with your brand on a consistent basis which increases brand sentiment and promotes loyalty. You should see an increase in return visits, time on site, and mid-funnel interactions. 

Another worth-mentioning benefit of consistent blogging is the SEO return. Producing new content on your website encourages search engine bots to crawl your entire domain. As they crawl, they pick up on new indicators and keywords which can boost organic rankings.  In the same vein, Google likes to see users stay on a domain for a decent amount of time; they often doc sites where the average user immediately leaves. Well-written, fresh content can help get people to stay awhile. 

Tips for Consistent Blogging

1.) Find Time or Let Us Take Care of it. Writing posts can be done in two ways--you tackle it or Bigfoot Web can take it on. Both have significant benefits that should be taken into account before starting a blogging initiative. If you plan to write them yourself, hold your self accountable and add a daily/weekly/monthly time slot to your calendar. If you don't have time or strong writing skills, outsourcing your content writing to an agency or expert is the best way to make sure it gets done. Did you know that Bigfoot Web offers blog writing services? Reach out to our team and we can develop a content strategy that helps your business!  

2.) Keep Track of Ideas. Besides holding a brainstorm session every few months, jot down ideas as they hit you. We like the Notes function in our smartphone to keep track of ideas.  

3.) Set a Location. When you need a boost to get your writing juice flowing, get out of the office and go to a coffee shop or park. Pairing this with a strict weekly schedule will help make writing a habit; when you sit down at your local coffee parlor, your brain is trained to write. 

4.) Schedule Posts in Advance. Most content management systems (like Squarespace) allow you to draft content and schedule a future publish date. We would love to show you how easy it is to create and schedule blog posts in Squarespace. So if you're going on vacation next week, you don't have to miss your consistent posting date. 

Consistent blogging is especially important for startups and growing business, and using the practices above will help you be more consistent. 

Need a website that supports blogging? Bigfoot Web specializes in building Squarespace sites with engaging content that enhances your online presence and helps you blog consistently. We also offer professional blog writing services and strategy to help with SEO and any of your business objectives. Reach out today!