Client Spotlight :: Jorgensen Orthodontics




Bigfoot Web is excited to show off the new site for Jorgensen Orthodontics - Jorgensen Orthodontics is an affordable orthodontist servicing the Albuquerque area. They pride themselves on being affordable for every family, personal attention, and are highly rated online. Dr. Jorgensen has helped over 10,000 happy patients achieve a beautiful smile over the last 25 years. They offer free consultations so you can see the office, meet the doctor, and feel confident in the personalized care you’ll receive. The benefit of a private practice orthodontist is seeing the same doctor each time to ensure that the treatment is consistent. Orthodontists receive 24 to 36 months of advanced training in a university setting and learn how to treat all orthodontic problems which is much more education than your standard dentist receives. Partnering with Dr. Jorgensen for their new site has been a pleasure and we absolutely recommend his practice if you're in the area. 

"Zane's smile came out beautiful! Thanks to Dr. Jorgensen and staff who did a wonderful job, were always kind and patient and made the visits fun! Dr. Jorgensen is a perfectionist and made Zane's smile sparkle by giving him more confidence in his ability to present himself to anyone. Thank you Dr. Jorgensen!" - Client Testimonial