Are Custom Websites Worth It?


With so many pre-built web solutions out there, are custom websites "worth it?" This question gets asked a lot by marketers and business owners, and we think it's valid.

In a simplified answer, yes, custom websites are worth it for most businesses, and here's why. 

Brand Alignment

Custom websites are the only solution in which you can authentically represent your brand and show off what makes your business unique. Your website is the best example of your brand and identity. It's often the first impression a prospective customer will have of your business. With this in mind, controlling the look, feel, and user experience is crucial. Your brand story needs to carry over onto your site and custom sites enhance that brand story.  Don't show up to the party with the same outfit as someone else. 

Improved ROI

A custom site will also give you better ROI over time because it can meet your present and future needs--no matter what they are. Your custom-built website is designed and developed specifically with your business objectives and target audience in mind which helps to increase conversion rates and generate more online (and offline) revenue. 

Custom SEO Strategy

Custom sites tend to boost organic rankings because the coding is optimized when being built, not after the fact. There is an intense competition for visibility, and each organic ranking has the power to improve your ROI. Search engines also prefer custom built website because it is personalized, user-friendly, and responsive.

Unique Features & Function

Custom web design isn't limited by constraints for functionality. Choosing custom web design allows you to plan for features you would like to add in the future when the time is right. This may save you time and money in the long run and give you the opportunity to beat your competition. Custom websites typically last longer, saving you time and money down the road. Your online asset can grow with your business. 

Bigfoot Web is specially positioned to provide the intuitive, custom websites for your business. Our team works closely with yours to make sure we are communicating your brand identity with the world. We optimize utilizing various strategies to ensure your new site is ready for searching, and can also help you plan for the future. Contact us today to see why having a custom Bigfoot Web site is the best solution for your business!   

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