2019 Digital Trends, The Year of Video?


Why It Matters

Are you reading this after just watching a video on Facebook? If so, join the 500 million people a day who watch at least one Facebook video per day. An astounding 33% of time spent online is watching video with forecasts pointing to even more in the future. Video is able to convert more leads than any other source which makes this trend something you don't want to sleep on. A 1 to 1 video is just as effective as a phone call in eliciting a response. How is your business capitalizing on this growing format?

Getting Started

When getting started with video, there are 3 things you want to think about - consider your audience, focus on the content, and remember about the videos you may already have. When considering your audience, the videos you choose should align with your marketing goals. The content of those videos should speak to the right stage of the buyer journey. While focusing on the content, the best videos are often informal, spontaneous, and authentic. And you don’t need a big budget - a smartphone and a subject are all you need. Great video content should include engagement, emotion, education, and empathy. Don't always think new when thinking of video, you may have more video content than you think - consider past webinars, social content, etc. Reusing content can be a great way to reach your audience. 

If you've been using video, but not seeing the results you want, are you expanding, engaging, and optimizing? Expand by using video on blogs, social, landing pages, and more. Engage by adding in-video CTAs to guide the customer journey. Optimize by using video analytics for smarter marketing. 

When is another big question when talking video. At what point is a video appropriate or even helpful during the sales journey? During the beginning or first outreach, the goal is to connect with the buyer who is engaging with your content. A personalized selfie introduction to put a face to your name, ups your game immediately. In the middle of the sales journey, the buyer is exploring and can be helped to better understand the nature of their problem through video. You can also screen share to show relevant content. The end of the journey concludes with advising your buyer how to best solve their problem by using curated playlists of micro-demos, testimonials, etc.

Getting started is easy - here are a few tips to get you going. Be prepared, but not scripted - think about the key points you want to hit, not a word-for-word recital. Rehearse once or twice but don’t psych yourself out. Consider your setting, lighting, and sound. Record with enthusiasm, passion, and authenticity - don’t worry about “ums” or “ahs” and you can always cancel and re-record. Use “video” in your subject line to encourage opens and embed your video thumbnail ‘above the fold’ in your email. Choose the right details to include in the text, but don’t overdo it - make the focus be your video. 

Start Rolling

With the growing importance of video, now is the time to create your video content schedule. Don't stress about creating an Emmy-worthy video, just remember to be authentic and engaging. You may also have past content that can be recycled and used for a video. Tap into your sales process using video to connect, explore, and advise your customer. If you need help showcasing your video content, contact Bigfoot Web. We can help you utilize your current creative assets to reach your audience in a visually stunning way.