10 Easy Ways to Audit Your Website


Getting under the hood of your website is essential to make sure your website is performing well, growing your digital footprint, and showcasing your brand in a positive light. While every website requires a custom audit every few years, you can conduct a mini-audit by asking yourself the following questions. Review the checks and metrics below every few months to make sure you're putting your best foot forward. 

  1. Your site is responsive and mobile-friendly. More and more users using use their mobile device for searching, social media, and shopping. If your site isn't performing well on mobile screens, customers may be turning to your competitors. Find out if your website is mobile-friendly with Google's Mobile Test

  2. Load time for your site is under 3 seconds. If your site loads slowly, users will get frustrated and leave. Check your site's load time with Pingdom's Speed Test

  3. Your site design is fresh and current. Users assign credibility of your business based off the design of your site. Don't lose potential business because your site looks dated. 

  4. The flow of your site makes sense to your user. Your user should be able to navigate clearly through your site and engage with your most important content. 

  5. You're blogging consistently. Blog posts have tremendous SEO benefits. Organic search attracts high-quality leads and has more long-term ROI than many traditional marketing efforts. Shoot for producing blog content at least twice per month. 

  6. Your bounce rate is low. Aim for around 30% (depending on the type of site). If your users aren't staying on your page then your conversion rate will be affected. If your user can't find what they are looking for quickly, they may be giving up.

  7. Unique visitors remains consistent. By tracking unique visitors to your site, you are able to plan promotions or product launches around times when historically this number has been lower for your site.

  8. Are visitors are viewing more than just your home page? If your analytics are showing multiple pages on your site being viewed, then your users have been compelled to engage with more of your content.

  9. Are users are spending ample time on pages? If your user is spending 2-3 minutes per page, this is a positive sign that they are finding your content engaging and useful.

  10. Do you know your top landing pages? You should then optimize these pages to accomplish your site goals. 

If one or more of the audit checks above could be improved, you may need to refresh your brand or CMS. Contact Bigfoot Web to get expert insight on developing a brand-centric online experience that converts!