Client Spotlight :: Touchbase Services

Bigfoot Web is pleased to announce the launch of the Touchbase Services website - Touchbase Services is a Denver-based boutique consulting group that specializes in employee performance and development. They offer patented, EEOC-compliant Job Benchmarking sessions, innovative Agile Performance Management program, as well as training, coaching, and executive counseling. The Touchbase Services team is comprised of well-seasoned professionals with backgrounds in management, training, consulting, and clinical psychology. Their set of tools and processes help managers successfully accomplish these critical tasks with minimal effort and time.

"We understand the challenges that companies face today. Low employee engagement and ineffective management skills can sink your bottom line. Touchbase Services offers companies a new way to establish working relationships that utilize the strengths of each employee. Our services use research-based processes and software to help your company improve outcomes in several key areas of workforce management." - Touchbase Services




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