Client Spotlight :: Aria Denver

Bigfoot Web is excited to launch the new website for Aria Denver - Aria Denver is a new north of Highland neighborhood intentionally designed to cultivate life by providing a well-designed community. Located eight minutes from downtown Denver, this 17.5 acre site will feature a variety of green housing options – from rental apartments to for-sale townhomes to cohousing units. It will be a diverse and intergenerational community, a place where people of all ages and interests can find their place. Aria Denver has been featured in the New York Times - This unique neighborhood provides its residents with the tools they need to nurture family and relationships, encourage environmental sustainability and provide a blueprint for 21st century living.

"Aria Denver is an intergenerational neighborhood where people intentionally create community.  A mix of housing, open space and urban agriculture help integrate the residents with the land and its history.  Near Regis University, Aria Denver fosters a culture of lifelong learning and a place where people can continue to grow." - Aria Denver