7 Tips for Writing Spectacular Website Content


Writing content for your website is one of the most important things you can do to accomplish your business's goals. However, it can be difficult to accurately pick out and order the most relevant information that should make it onto your site. Having the right content on the right page of your site not only leads to conversions, it also boosts your organic ranking opportunities. 

Both users and search engines love content that is easy to find and helpful, so take the time to write strategic copy, test content campaigns, and grow your audience with inbound marketing. Below are seven tips to help you writer spectacular (and useful) website content. 

  1. Put your most important information first :: Unlike traditional writing, you want to state your most pertinent information at the top of the page (above the fold, if you will) so your user can easily find what they are looking for. Depending on what the page's purpose is will alter this content. For top of funnel pages, you want to represent your brand; for middle of funnel pages, the product or service you're offering.  

  2. Write as though your audience is 12 years old :: Keep your content simple and easy to read, and don't try too hard to be clever or creative as your efforts will often be wasted. For most industries, your user skims content and searches quickly. 

  3. Write compelling headlines :: 84% of users are scanning--not reading--so make sure it's clear what benefits you provide. Using sub-headlines, images, and bullet points will help users receive your information. Don't forget to review your web pages on mobile devices. On small screens, headings and white space are essential for a good user experience.   

  4. Use common wording :: This may seem contrary to everything you've learned about writing but choose words that are widely used. Go for familiarity and write for an audience that is attracted to words they know. 

  5. Balanced brevity :: To be blunt, your audience is lazy and they want to get their information quickly without much effort. However, search engines love long-form content. To appeal to both, you'll need to be strategic with your keyword usage, messaging, and content length. Start with your audience, the purpose of the page, and page analytics before deciding on content length.  

  6. Prioritize your writing using data :: Most users will arrive at your site on a subpage, not home. Give these top-trafficked pages extra thought and employ the tips above. You will attract your audience and increase the odds of conversions when they're not on the home page. 

  7. Design in tandem with your visual content :: Utilize different sizes of text, bullet points, highlighting, caps, bolding, and quotes to break up paragraphs of text. Use images and video to relay information. By decluttering your site, your user will be able to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. 

Use these tips for writing website content across each of your web pages and third-party platforms. If you need artfully-crafted copy paired with an SEO strategy, Bigfoot Web would be happy to partner with you and showcase your content in a meaningful way. Contact us today! 

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