Client Spotlight :: Chook

Bigfoot Web is pleased to present the new website for Chook. Chook is a brand new restaurant in Denver that creates delicious chicken and veggies cooked over a charcoal rotisserie. Chook aspires for delicious, responsible food, easy to take home and equally enjoyed in a relaxing and thoughtful environment. Not only is the food delicious but it's also food that’s clean, sourced from those that care and respect our land, and cooked to the highest ideals.They are also proud to support three local charities each month with 1% going back to the diner's charity of choice. 

"We aspire for change. For innovation. Collaboration. Equity. Engagement. In the multitude of ways one can make a difference, we’ve found ours through food. Through restaurants. These great halls to gather, to break bread, to honor the past and build for the future." - Chook