Jones Orthodontics

For Jones Orthodontics, helping adults, teenagers, and children smile more brilliantly everyday is a passion. Each patient receives an individualized approach to treatment and Jones Orthodontics believes that treatment shouldn’t take any longer than necessary. Using the latest in orthodontic technology, Jones Orthodontics supports the overall wellness of patients by strengthening the health of every smile. With the new practice up and running but no online presence to reach customers seeking orthodontic services, Jones Orthodontics teamed up with Bigfoot Web to create a visually stunning website that would attract and inform, create brand awareness, and allow patients to schedule appointments at their convenience.

The designers and developers at Bigfoot Web are well versed in working with clients in the orthodontic industry. When Jones Orthodontics reached out to discuss the project, Bigfoot had a shared understanding of the key features of the site and the needs of the practice. After conducting an in-depth assessment of the Jones Orthodontics business and website objectives, the Bigfoot Web team created a strategic plan for the project. This plan was steeped in research Bigfoot has conducted about the industry norms, competitors, audience expectations, and much more. Bigfoot designers chose a clean and contemporary site design that uses bright, bold images to tell the story of the Jones practice. The modern look of the website parallels the practice’s approach to orthodontic treatment and their stylish office furnished in white and grey. Then Bigfoot developers crafted a site layout that would expertly feature content, including more professional quality images and video as well as a blog. 

The new website for Jones Orthodontics was a perfect match for the content management system, hosting service, and blogging platform, Squarespace. The interface is incredibly user friendly, which makes content updates and changes simple for the Jones Orthodontics team. An intuitive photo editing tool supports easily uploading and resizing new images with only a few clicks. Several really effective aspects of the Squarespace CMS are key features of Jones Orthodontics new site. A robust contact form can be simply edited and managed to gather customer appointments, feedback, and questions. Squarespace supports long form content like blogs and makes content editing as simple as dragging and dropping blocks of text or images. The Jones Orthodontics team can access rich metrics on their new site in the backend of the CMS. Analytics on the site’s performance and visitation traffic allow Jones Orthodontics to get to know their online audience better. When choices need to be made regarding changes to the images, text, or video on the website, Jones Orthodontics will be able to base those decisions on their website data.  

Bigfoot Web is driven to support small businesses. Creating the Jones Orthodontics website for their new office was an exceptional opportunity to use the expertise of our Bigfoot developers and designers to make a difference for the customers of practice. From the first point of contact, the needs assessment, design phase and development process to the launch date, Bigfoot Web created for Jones Orthodontics a mobile friendly, beautiful site in just two weeks. Jones Orthodontics can continue providing their patients high quality care and customer service, with the help of a streamlined digital experience. 

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