Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website


Whether you have been in business for decades or a new startup, it's essential to have a site that is responsive. With Google stating that  60%+ of searches globally are from a mobile device, it is mission critical that your business has a website that is easy to use with any smartphone or tablet. Here are three reasons from the Bigfoot team on why it is vital that your next website is responsive.

1. User experience – If you’re making your customers still browse your website on their phones by pinching with their fingers to adjust the resolution, it's costing you conversions. Your competitors are making it as easy as possible to buy from them. Today, our attention span as humans is less than four seconds; this is down from eight seconds only a decade ago. Amazon estimates it loses $1.6 billion a year in customers abandoning a product page loading between the third and fourth second. If you look at all the top retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, the current trend is a giant search bar is the focal point of the navigation making it as simple as possible to find any product or service. All of the top converting e-commerce stores don’t randomly have the same user experience, learn from what others have taken countless hours and millions of dollars to test detail by detail in determining the best possible user experience for selling their product or services.

2. SEO - There are many factors when it comes to search engine optimization to get a business website towards the top of Google’s search results. One of the most important aspects of organic SEO that is developed to be a fluid responsive website that will seamlessly scale across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices. Having separate mobile sites negatively impacts your organic rankings. Google and other search engines want a single site to index instead of multiple versions of duplicate content that can quickly get out of alignment. This is considered so essential that Google doesn’t show unresponsive websites in mobile searches.

3. Engagement – Most people browsing the Internet aren’t in the purchase or decision stage of their buyer’s journey when searching for a product or service. (The buyer's journey is awareness – consideration – decision). It’s your job as a business to engage potential customers when they land on your digital storefront. Making a sale in almost every business takes the cultivation and sometimes educating potential customers before they purchase your product or service. This can be done with easy to find information, professional photos and a responsive website. 

With tools as fluid and easy to use as Squarespace along with the expertise other digital marketing specialist, it’s possible to develop a breathtaking website that scales seamlessly, it’s intuitive for your customers and is easy to administer for the business owner. Contact the Bigfoot web team to learn more about our website services.