Web Design Resources We Love


There are several resources we like to use and below are our favorites. Check them out to keep your site up to date and looking fresh.


Typeform allows you to create forms that are easily customizable and visually appealing (they have an average completion rate of 57%). Typeforms are personal and delivered in bite-sized and stylish chunks. Their philosophy of “one question at a time” makes an online form feel more human and user-friendly. They also feature "The Logic Jump" so respondents only see and answer questions relevant for them. You can also use Hidden Fields to talk to your respondents by recalling information you have, like names and email addresses, from your database.


This free service is our favorite for stock photography. Unsplash is powered by a large community of people worldwide that submit their photos to be used by others. With almost 1.2 million photos from 150,000 photographers at your fingertips, this site can help bring your website to life with photos that are realistic and relevant. Unsplash is also fantastic because it integrates seamlessly with Squarespace.

Noun Project

The online dictionary of universal symbols is a tool we utilize for iconography on our sites. The Noun Project is the product of a collaboration of great design and civic minds, yielding a library of rights-free, downloadable symbols. Their goal is to exponentially grow the collection while maintaining the highest quality of design and keeping The Noun Project free, simple, and fun to use.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a free resource for fonts and where we have a lot of fun! According to the HTTP Archive, 57% of websites are now using custom fonts which is an 850% increase since 2011. One of the biggest reasons that companies use web fonts is so that they can achieve consistent branding across different mediums. Web fonts are scalable, zoomable, and high-DPI friendly, meaning they can be easily shown across desktops, tablet, and mobile phones no matter what the resolution. Other advantages of using web fonts are design, readability, and accessibility. Currently, the most downloaded font is Roboto with over 9 trillion views.

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