The Value of Digital Marketing for Businesses

Sasquatch has a horrible digital marketing strategy. It's as if people don't even know it exists! Maybe it just doesn't understand how marketing can help spread the word and drive awareness through e-mail, websites, and social media. Since this is our area of expertise, we thought we'd share our reasons why digital marketing is so important.

Digital marketing is measurable

It is very difficult to quantify traditional marketing  - newspaper and television ads, billboards, direct mail - because there's no real way to measure customer engagement. Does a toothpaste ad on your favorite television show convince you to buy that brand? Digital marketing aims to put your product in a place where customers will see it - targeted online ads or search engine results. Once they click on an ad or search engine result, you can track their behaviour, whether they purchase or not, and how long they stay on your site. You can then use that data to test different wording or button color and see how that affects buyer behavior. None of those things are possible with traditional marketing. Use it to your advantage.

Digital marketing can be low-cost

Placing an ad in a newspaper or on TV is a very costly proposition with, as we mentioned previously, very little measurable return. By contrast, you can sign up for most social media accounts for free. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads cost a little money, but you can target your message by location or demographics based on their very large collection of user data. Keep in mind that a website can have a considerable return on investment, because a thoughtful, responsive, and attractive site doesn't need updates every day (or even every year) and it keeps working for you, 24x7x365.

Digital marketing reaches your customers where they are

The majority of adults in the U.S. have smartphones, which means they have the ability to find your product or service wherever they are, right now. No need to hunt for a phone book or drive around. If someone's tire has a nail in it, they can search to find the closest repair shop to their current location, they don't have to drive all the way to the  neighborhood store because they know where that one is. The instantaneous nature of this connectivity allows people to buy when they want to, not when it's most convenient for them - because it's always convenient.

To be fair, Sasquatch may not want people to know it exists - maybe it just wants to be left alone. But that's not what you want for your business. Hopefully now you can see why digital marketing is so important for your organization. Whether you call us here at Bigfoot Web to help with your website or you work to set up your social media and analytics on your own, it's time to get online and show the world what you have to offer.

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