A Well-Read Beast: Website Content Costs

We don't know if Sasquatch is well-read, but we like to imagine him just outside a cave, sitting in a chair next to a roaring fire, wearing a smoking jacket, and perusing a tablet with the latest the web has to offer. And what does the internet have to offer? The catch-all phrase is "content," which doesn't really tell us much. So put on your smoking jacket and have a seat, and let us tell you what content is, why you should have it, and why you shouldn't cheap out on quality content for your website.

What is "content"?

Content is what you put on your website that will be of value to your visitors and customers, and is usually refreshed regularly. There are typically three types of content that we're talking about here – video, graphics, and text. Within those types, there are sub-types:

Video: Unboxing new product; explainer/how-to; product review

Graphics: Infographics (statistics + images/charts); 

Text: blog posts; list articles ("listicle"); eBooks; case studies; reviews

Why should you have it?

Content is what the search engines see when they index your site, which they then use to determine the subject matter of your site and its relevance to that industry. The idea is to create and share valuable content. Say you're a dentist who writes a blog post on "How much does a tooth crown cost?" People can search for it and see what you have to say about the subject, and since they're on your site, they may call to schedule an appointment.

Why should you pay for excellent content?

Quality content of value - whether text, graphics, or video - should be your top priority. Of the different types of content we listed, text content is the only type that gets indexed by search engines, so you will need detailed descriptions of your well-produced videos or graphics. A person or digital agency with experience writing for the web will be able to target keywords specific to your industry in order to get the attention of search engines. When people see your content and link to it, that lets search engines know that your site is trusted, and results in a higher ranking. You may be tempted to create your own content, but many business owners don't have the time to create the superior content needed, which is where paying skilled writers, graphic designers, or videographers can actually save you money in the long run.

We hope this blog post has provided you with information that will be valuable to you as you set up a website for your business. (See? Creating valuable content brought you here, smoking jacket and all, to our corner of the web!) Read our previous blogs in this series and download our eBook "How Much Should You Expect to Pay for a Website?" to get a full understanding of all the costs related to starting up a website. 

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