Level 2 Energy Success Story

Highly skilled at navigating the complexity of the energy industry, Level 2 Energy guides clients in risk management and provides hedging services for anyone with energy commodity price exposure. Combining a deep understanding of fundamentals and thorough research, the Level 2 Energy team quantifies risk and supports clients in making strong hedging decisions. Driven to reach an even larger base of oil and gas producers, utilities firms, midstream operators and more, Level 2 Energy needed a fresh digital presence to support growth, brand awareness, and increased customer service. Since Bigfoot Web has honed the craft of creating compelling, new business websites within a two week turnaround, it was a natural fit to partner with Level 2 Energy on their business website project. 

Before tackling the design and development of the site, the Bigfoot team began an assessment process with Level 2 Energy to better understand their business and website objectives. The new site needed to include a portal that would provide clients private access to data and research, be easy to navigate, and have a clean look and feel. Bigfoot designers took this information and layered it with research about the industry, competitors, and audience to develop the layout and design of the site. The brand logo would be placed prominently above the fold, icons would explain the different services that the company offers, and high quality images would be used throughout the home page to break up text. Bigfoot developers worked to integrate Google Sheets into the website so clients would have access to a portal that offers data related to their unique roles in the energy industry. 

Ready with a strategic approach to the overall project, the Bigfoot team chose to build the website on Squarespace, a robust content management system, blogging platform, and hosting service. Using Squarespace as the CMS would allow Level 2 Energy to effectively update the content over time and inform those changes with data pertinent to the site’s performance. Images can be swapped out simply by uploading and implementing the Squarespace editing tool to resize each photo for the highest quality effect. Text is easily updated in the Squarespace interface and long form content such as blog posts are effortlessly added, edited, and published. Each page is crafted to support search engine optimization with captions and descriptions so users can more efficiently find the content that they’re searching for online. Using Squarespace, Level 2 Energy would be able to access their own website performance analytics, from data on the audience’s behavior on the site to daily metrics on unique pageviews, visitation traffic, and more. Squarespace provides website analytics in highly digestible formats which informs data-driven decision making. 

The business website for Level 2 Energy was designed to give the brand a bold, clean digital presence. Before the creation of their new website, the brand lacked visibility with new and returning clients online. In this increasingly digital age, a user-friendly, responsive website is a necessity for businesses of all sizes. Bigfoot Web valued the opportunity to partner with Level 2 Energy to accelerate their online growth. With a visually appealing and thoughtfully crafted website, Level 2 Energy can promote their work, share insightful content with audiences, and support current customers with their online client portal.   

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